Transportation & Forwarding

Century provides a full array of transportation and forwarding services in?69 countries, with more and more locations coming on line as we keep pace with emerging markets. As a “K” Line subsidiary, Century has worldwide access to infrastructure and capital to adapt quickly to changes in your supply chain.

A huge advantage Century offers is uniformity of operations and systems across all regions globally. You can rely on equivalent service and data quality no matter where your cargo originates. Standardized training programs throughout the Century organization ensure that our people understand your objectives and priorities. Without exception, VMS? is used at every Century office without to manage your shipment transactions, whether air, ocean or ground.

  • Import/Export Services – Century Express?
  • Consolidation
  • Booking
  • Documentation Management
  • Carrier Management
  • Freight Bill Audit
  • Importer Security Filing
For further information, please contact your local office.

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