Importer Security Filing

10+2We are currently transmitting Importer Security Filings for the majority of our customers. Based on our most recent score card from U.S. Customs, our average on time percentage is 98.5%.

VMS? captures all 10 data elements and automatically triggers the filing to ACE a minimum of 24 hours prior to cargo lading. We pull as many data elements as possible from our customers’ 850 and item master data. Vendors typically provide the actual manufacturer, country of origin and container stuffing location (if factory loaded). ISF data is mandatory in our VMS? booking module, which is the first step of every Century shipment transaction. This “ISF lock-down” ensures all the data is present in our system so we can file a complete ISF on time prior to vessel departure.

ISF Management tools in VMS? are best in class. We give you visibility to unclassified SKUs as soon the PO upload hits our system, providing ample time for you to assign accurate HTS before booking. We give you visibility to the ISF data prior to transmission if you want to spot check or thoroughly audit. ISF Search in VMS? enables you to query for the CBP transaction # and filing date by PO/BL/SKU/Container #. Lastly, we have created myriad performance reports that you can run on demand to see you how you’re doing. No surprises when CBP sends out your quarterly score card.

For further information, please contact your local office.

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