Fulfillment Center / DC Preparation

Century manages origin DC preparation for a number of existing customers. Specific services include:

  • Sorting, Debundling, and Tagging: All three of these services are standard and can be performed to pre-defined customer specs upon arrival of cargo at the facility.
  • Labeling: Century has designed, printed, and applied labels in three different languages with various specifications to suit the consumer labeling requirements of six (6) destination countries in North and South America.
  • Product Manipulation: Century engages in many variations of product packaging for our customers. Projects involve consumer packaging, dunnage, and master carton phases of preparation for shipment. We have experience applying clamshell cases for kits and building store-ready master cartons.
  • Kitting: Typical projects consist of up to eight components, often from eight different vendors located in multiple countries
  • Private Label Packaging: includes finding suitable packaging vendors in the region.
  • Green Packaging: in support of our customer’s environmental initiatives.
For further information, please contact your local office.

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