Freight Bill Audit

In partnership with Acuitive Solutions LLC, Century provides freight bill auditing services to verify carrier charges prior to your remitting payment. Acuitive maintains your contracted rates and terms in its system. Then Century initiates the audit process by feeding ASN/856 transactions from VMS? to Acuitive. Acuitive receives corresponding freight invoices via EDI 310 feeds from your carriers. Invoice anomalies are identified systematically and flagged for non-payment pending follow up with the carrier.

Validated freight charges flow from Acuitive to VMS?. Your Accounts Payable team then runs a VMS? report summarizing these validated carrier charges in order to process payment.

The average invoice approval time is 7-8 days before shipment ETA. This program achieves significant benefits:

  • 100% audit of freight invoices prior to remittance, no more short or over payments
  • 99% of all invoice anomalies are resolved without your involvement
  • Significant time and cost savings for your staff and your carriers
  • Creates incentive for carriers to self-correct (to get paid quicker)
  • Improved data integrity
  • Elimination of shipment refusals due to payment issues
  • Greater shipping and delivery certainty
For further information, please contact your local office.

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